Sunday, December 6, 2009

Myspace picture music?

how do you add music to view pictures on myspace?not a comment..but when it shows all pics


Myspace picture music?

What you have to do first is upload the song into a site like .

After that, you should have a url that goes with the song. However, the url is gonna be too long, because the captions for pics only allow 50 characters. What you do then is you go to and they will shorten it for you.

Once you have your shorter url, put it into this code:

%26lt;bgsound src="URL" loop="-1"%26gt;

Paste the code into any caption on your myspace pics.

Note: The song will only play while in Internet Explorer, not Firefox or any other browser.

Myspace picture music?

Try the below site for your help and

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