Monday, December 28, 2009

How safe is myspace ?

What is it's privacy like ? It scares me.

I'm really young, I have like Bebo and facebook and everything.

I just made an account. I so far have one friend who has not been online. My profile says I've had a profile view, how could this have happened ?

I think it's on a friends-only view thing.

How safe is myspace ? And how can I make only my friends be able to see me on it ?

How safe is myspace ?

it doesnt matter how many friends you have because anyone on myspace can view your profile!

waht you can do is set your profile to private or be viewable by only your friends(to do tjhis go to account settings,privacy

and put

Profile veiwable by:MY FRIENDS ONLY)

best answer please

How safe is myspace ?

Go to account settings and set your profile to private. Then you'll be very safe.

How safe is myspace ?

You can make your profile view friends only. Its only as safe as you let it be. Dont put up any personal information and only add your friends.

How safe is myspace ?

dumb people make it unsafe

make your account private, add only people you know because what's the point of having a friend in ohio who you never talk to when you're in california, and just be careful.

i mean, it's pretty easy.

How safe is myspace ?

it is pretty safe. As long as you do not have personal information on your page. as in address, phone number, and other obvious stuff. Only talk to ppl who you know. double check ur prvacy settings and make sure they are what you want. i think if you look at your profile it counts as a profile view but i'm not sure. or maybe someone looked at it but only your display name you know and not that actual profile. hope this helps!

How safe is myspace ?

mmk well most people like to set it to private meaning only your friends can see your profile. But there are ways arount it, I knew a person who had firefox and could look at my friends, pictures etc. when I didn't even add him as my friend.

If you go to you profile settings you can find how to hide your profile under there.

just remeber to be cautious, even if it IS private, dont put things like your state, or city or even the name of your school out there. Anyone can find you, its a matter of if you let them or not.

How safe is myspace ?

it can be safe depending on how safe you make it. you can allow only friends to veiw it by going to account settings, privacy settings. i think now they have your profiles atomatcially set to private when you sign up, if you want it public, that you'll have to chnage on your own. maybe your friend was on when you werent. otherwise i dont know.

How safe is myspace ?

Yes, your own view of your profile does seem to count, although I'm not 100% certain. Anyone can see your profile, but if its set to private they receive a message saying so and all they can see is your default profile image and your profile screen name.

Myspace is as safe as anywhere else on the web. Take precautions and don't put out any information you wouldn't give to a stranger. Keep your profile secure by never sharing your password and leaving it set to private. Don't copy code from sites you don't trust into you page. Be wary of flash codes from sites that aren't well known.

Remember, this is a public domain and anything you put out there can and will be seen.

How safe is myspace ?

To tell you the truth, I think what you're doing is pretty safe. Remember, it's not MySpace that gets people in trouble, it's the talking to strangers and people you don't know. To change your privacy settings, go to "Edit Profile", and then up in the upper right hand corner there should be "Account Settings", and click on it. Up above the main body of the page there should be a tab that says "Privacy".

How safe is myspace ?

It's about as safe as any other website. Sure you got your pervs and preditors stalking kids. But, every website has that. I say big deal. Just ignore anyone you don't know and trust.

I would just put people on there that you have met at school, at work, etc., And ignore anyone else. Because, quite simply, you never know. Any one can put a kids picture on their myspace profile. and then, when you go meet this kid. BAM. You're abducted. It's a matter of trust more so than anything else.

How safe is myspace ?

Its as safe as you make it...if you set it to private and everything, and don't post innapropriate pics, then you'll be fine. But as for other people who do things like that, they're the ones who could be in danger.

You can set your profile to private (where only your friends can see it..people can still search you, but they can't view your profile) by going to account settings, then privacy (theres some tabs at the top) and then do "profile viewable by: my friends only".

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