Monday, December 28, 2009

How can i add more than 16 pictures in 1 page on myspace?

I know it sounds weird..... i guess but its possible.... i saw a profile of this one guy on myspace and when i view his pictures, i saw this 25 pictures of him in 1 page, it looks messed up but its cool..... so i research if theres a code or ideas that can help me on my problem and i saw this page i tried it but it didnt work.... can somebody help me...???? thanx....

How can i add more than 16 pictures in 1 page on myspace?

%26lt;a href=""?"" style="position:absolute; top:11px;background-repeat:no-repeat;lef... height:41px; width:99px; background-image:url(??); background-position:left;"%26gt;%26lt;/a%26gt;

ok here is the code u need to use.the single question mark(?) use is where u will put the address when u view your photos:the address looks like this {

the double quetion marks(??)

is where you put the image URL(its with the .jpg or other formats of pics)

and you also notice the height and width. just change the number depending on you image. to determine the height and width right click your photo and view the properties.for example you see a 100x50.

the height is 50 and width is 100.

now notice that there is 'top' and 'left'.this determines the positioning of the pics.

that code above is good for one photo only.

you can put this code as many as you like.

if you want your photos to go in column just vary the 'top'.the higher the number, the lower the pics.

and if you want your pics in rows, vary the 'left'

the number that you will put in either top or left is depending on the height and width of the photos u will put.

ok man, good trial and error.

i hope this would work to you.

i advice you to hide sections of your page except your about me section. it's optional if you want to hide your comments.

you can see the codes here:


How can i add more than 16 pictures in 1 page on myspace?

? it must work...all you need to do is upload the pic of your choice then when it say edit caption you put this in it %26lt;img src="url to image"%26lt;/a%26gt; and ta da! theres two pics that for however many pics as you'd like and that answers your question....i hope :/

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