Monday, December 28, 2009

What do you think of Adrianne Curry's comments on her myspace?

She made some comments on her myspace about Black Histoy Month and BET. She also has comments about Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama.

What do you think?

Here is the link:

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What do you think of Adrianne Curry's comments on her myspace?

She made an excellent point! I feel funny about us having BET too! I've been thinking about that a lot lately! I don't think we should just forget about slavery though! It's an important part of history and everyone needs to know about it! I agree with her that Black History Month sounds racist and BET does too! I bet we would be mad if another race had a channel dedicated to people only of their nationality! I know I would! We should just all come together and be the Americans we all are! I really think we should have an American History Month! It would be very nice to learn about everyone's nationalities and beliefs! It's only fair, right?

What do you think of Adrianne Curry's comments on her myspace?

nlbvelir, you can not be serious........BET was started for the lack of blac people on TV, BET today YES shows booty shaking videos but may i remind you that MTV shows them just as well, BET also is the only major network to promote religion on Sundays, BET is also education black people on the dangers of HIV/AIDS in the blakc community, AND may i also point out that BET does NOT always have only black people on its network. they show justion timberlake and he's as white as they come, Robin Thicke, HELL tom cruise has even been on 106 and Park. do not knock a network that was made for US. you should be proud that BET is even stll around, if your not gonna watch BET i suggest you not watch STARZ movie network either because they have a channel devoted to Black people too (black starz) might as well kick it up another level and not watch mtv 3 for latin people. they dont' deserve to be separated either right? cause thats were Adrianne's point is going,

as for black history month, the history of america in the books is europeon history of them coming to america, u barley hear a thing about the native americans, the latin people and nothing about african americans until slavery times, so for her to say that she is going to boycott black history month, is silly cause she night as well boycott hispanic heritage month also (yes they have a month devoted to them too) its September 15-October 15. we all deserve to learn about our history and for her to say some racist thing like she did was uncalled for.

she needs to think about what she says before she says it. i used to think she was cool down to earth person btu now i think shes a idiot

and we do not need and american history month because EVERY month is american history month, what do you think you learn about in school? funny how the only time i ever learned about african american history was in Feb. and when i took "black studies" class in high school. everything else was europeons this and that.

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