Monday, December 28, 2009

Myspace private profile viewing?

my kid is up to something and i need to know what. does anyone know the code so i can look at her "private" myspace?

Myspace private profile viewing?

no such thing.

Myspace private profile viewing?

You should just try being honest with her and ask her what's going on.

Try having a more open relationship...sneaking around and spying on her is going to make things even worse.

Myspace private profile viewing?


and you should trust your child

just confront them if you think they are up to something

if you snoop then they will for sure never trust you.

Myspace private profile viewing?

There's no code, unless somehow you find out her username and passcode. People she adds as friends can view her page, too.

Myspace private profile viewing?

i don't think there's such thing. i'm pretty sure that if anyone says otherwise, you'll be "hacking".

you should just go and tell her to log on in front of you so that you can read her comments, messages, %26amp; content of her page. besides, you're just trying to keep your child safe. %26amp; if you do find bad things on her page, just have her delete the account (its very simple) and then block the entire site.

Myspace private profile viewing?

Just ask her or don't worry too much about it.

Myspace private profile viewing?

if shes young u can just cancel it but then next time u might not know she has one. then you know one of her friends she can go through there page and see it

Myspace private profile viewing?

make up a fake profile, send a friend request and say your new and wanna make some friends.If she accepts you can view her page

Myspace private profile viewing?

There used to be a bug that allowed you to turn off the page styles in your browser, but that's been fixed. As of now, there's no publicized way to "break" an account.

You should be upfront with her, because if she's old enough to have a myspace account, she's old enough to have an "adult" conversation with you.

If you still insist on it, you may be able to break her account using a keylogger (a program that records anything typed on the her myspace password.) If you decide to go with a keylogger, be sure to use a site like (They test their downloads for spyware/viruses. Just go to and search for "keylogger." Be sure to modify your search using the "Free" filter, so you don't download something, only to find that it has "demo version" limitations.

When a keylogger is used, most likely, your anti-virus will detect it as a threat. This is because a keylogger records all key YOUR online passwords. If you decide to use a keylogger, be sure to store the log file in a safe place, and uninstall it when you are finished with it.

Again...communication is best.

Peace and love!

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