Friday, December 25, 2009

Why can't I view videos online?

I can't view them on MySpace or on YouTube. The video loads up, I get the picture and sound, it runs for a second and then freezes up. I stop it and push play again, it starts again and the same thing happens. It freezes up. Do I have to download a fix from the Internet? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Why can't I view videos online?

Okay, I guess I may have figured it out.

U may be using a very slow connection. At theat times, the server from YouTube or MySpace are not able to completely load the video on to the buffer, A complete buffering does not take place.

Try this out, After u click on the link to watch the video, click on play, n then immediately pause it. Come back to teh video after say a min or so and I guess u may have a viewing for more than a minute, or atleast u may figure out what is happening.

U'll see a red line in the seek bar which won't have reached the end. This red bar indicates how much of your video has been streamed. Make this red bar reach the end and voila u will b able to watch ur video without any interruption.

Sure hope this helps.

Why can't I view videos online?

I received Pro Game's answer a few days ago and his advice worked. Sorry. I should have come on here to thank him. I usually not that ignorant. Thanks so much Pro Game. You were absolutely right. Edwina B Report It

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