Monday, December 28, 2009

My X is stalking my myspace?

I broke up with my x like 6 months ago. The 1st month after we broke up she calls me all sobbing because she viewed my public myspace profile and was upset about girls commenting. I explained to her that we were not together anymore and she shouldn't be all stalking my page etc. Needless to say I went private to prevent any more drama. Well we have mutual friends on my myspace who are for the most part really more her friends than mine. So now she is using them to read my stuff, etc. Should I delete them since their feeding her info about me and other girls to prevent a fatal attraction scenario or should I just ride it out? I need advice, I don't want my car keyed or pet killed.

My X is stalking my myspace?

don't even worry about it

u tried to explain to her in a

CARING way didn't you?

My X is stalking my myspace?

Yeah - delete them. I'd cut all ties w/her and her friends. Sounds like a Trouble-Making Mafia. They also sound like they have too much time on the clock.

My X is stalking my myspace?

She still likes you (obvious) and I know many girls who months after breaking up still stalk their boyfriend's page through friends, fake accounts(that look pretty real), and all of that. You could delete all the mutual friends, but I say just don't worry about it. Unless she is still calling you up and she's still mad about you flirting with other girls, just don't worry about it. If she is still calling you up and stuff, the best thing to do would be to tell her nicely, again, that none of this stuff is her business because you guys are seperated and now have your own lives. Tell her that you guys aren't meant for each other and she should REALLY move on. Tell her she could be missing out on some really great guys by wasting her time looking at your myspace! If she's still a phsyco, delete the mutual friends, but deleting them could make her even more mad!! Aaaah!

Or, you could kill her with kindness, add her on her page, and now and then ask her "what's up bud" you know in a really FRIEND way haah.

My X is stalking my myspace?

well... damn that myspace crap! i know how you feel! if you arent as good of friends with those "snoopers" than i'd go ahead and delete 'em, why keep 'em around if all they are there for is to aide in stalking? its not just stalking it is obsessing also! what a wierdo. good luck w/ that man! :0)

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