Monday, November 30, 2009

What are your views on myspace?

pros, cons?

anything aceptable

tell everything

What are your views on myspace?

yes people do get "addicted".

yes its fun.

but people do abuse their rights on it.

and a lot of the time people dont know what they are getting themselves into.

but, although there are stupid girls out there, not every kid is going to go hook up with some 40 year old.

people who are young and not responsible, should not be on it.

those who use it for the reaso that it is there for should be welcome to use it, just not over use their power while they have it.

What are your views on myspace?

facebook is a lot better

What are your views on myspace?


communicate with old friends, people form other countries and get to know new people



What are your views on myspace?

its stupid and pointless

waste of time

people get addicted, mad because theyre not on your top 8

What are your views on myspace?

Back in the day people used to hide thier real name and try not to tell anything too personal about themselves.

Myspace and facebook defy such things.

Think about it

What are your views on myspace?

Its fun..a good way to keep in touch with friends and family.

ITs also a good way to show your personality.

I havn't had any bad experiences with it yet.

What are your views on myspace?

Facebook is not as interactive. Myspace is a fun place to express yourself and stay in touch with friends. You can keep a music player with up to 100 songs, keep pictures and link them to your friends, and meet new people. The only con is all the fake profiles, but that happens on facebook too.

What are your views on myspace?





What are your views on myspace?

it;s deff. funn.

but yeah facebook is better.

talking to your friends is a +

but from personally acounts there is some crazy people on it.

What are your views on myspace?

okay. The only reason why myspace has cons is because people made it that way. Myspace is a great way of communicating with your friends and family, instead of jacking up the phone bill. People can express their creativity, meet new people, and even blog. I am fifteen and I have had a myspace for more than 2 years. I go on it almost everyday. I don't go on it to complain about things, hack things, compete with how many friends people have. I go on it for the joy of actually having a myspace. You can set it to private and you don't even need to have a picture for your profile. Yes, there are risks of hacks and stalkers, but hey, my parents trust me to be able to use it for the intention that tom created it for. I don't suggest it for teens that are irresponsible and have nothing better to do. yes, so I pretty much like it.

What are your views on myspace?

pros: teens can keep in touch with their friends, express their creativity, bands can gain exposure...

cons: like Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Kids overabuse the power. There have been cases of harrassment through the site, as well as teens just being plain irresponsible by going meet people from the site and stuff. If a kid is responsible enough to play it safe, not give out any information they shouldn't, and mature enough to know that you never know who's on the other end of the comptuer, and that whatever you post online anyone can see, it's fine.

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